Are you looking for a community of like-minded creatives who want to love what they do and grow a business aligned with the lifestyle they dream of?


We see you. 


You feel most alive when you’re doing something creative. In the midst of moving a brush against canvas, making that perfect crisp pencil line or twisting and straightening wire to make a loop, you’re at home. 


You’re an artist, maker, illustrator, dreamer, doer. You think creatively.


You could have a creative job you love. You can make money from your art. Your brain could spend less time fretting about not being good enough and more time thinking about putting great work into the world!


You’ve found your community.


Welcome to Relish Your Creativity. 

Here, you’ll find a community of people passionate about making things. You’re not beginners. In fact, if you think about it, you’ve been making art of some kind since you were born. This is your thing. 
And yet, at some point, maybe you stopped giving yourself the joy of simply being creative. You started wondering if the final product was good enough, or how to make your own mark. We live in a culture that tells us we need to make sales to matter. Making art alone is not enough. It has to make you good money or be super unique, or picked up by the trendiest stores and customers to matter.
What do we say to that? Nope. Not here. 


We believe true wealth comes from shared growth, building an intentional business you love and the chance to shine in your creative space. 
We’re here for you.


Relish Your Creativity is a juicy monthly membership made up of like minded creatives. Fresh. Innovative. Problem solving. Scrappy. Determined. Direction-driven. Ready for continued growth and a profitable business. If you are wanting clarity and a nurturing community to find and be yourself in,
Relish Your Creativity is for you.


Join Us

We are Margo Tantau and Nataley Shepherd.

We’re just like you. We’re both creative. And we’re passionate, caring women, guided in our lives by the shared joy of creation. 

We’ve been collaborating together to create group programs, private coaching, and business education for fellow artists. 

You’ve sent us your positive feedback on these programs. You’ve been seeing direct results and celebrating by sharing your joy with us. We know that our passion for these projects has changed lives. 

We’ve been doing all these projects for you. 

And now, we’ve decided to focus all our positive energy into building this community, together. 

It’s all for you.

Relish Your Creativity

is a place for...

Dreamers, creators, artists, makers, illustrators and world changers. That's YOU.

What is strategy without support?

Growth without collaboration?

Creating without sharing?

We want to help you develop your brand presence, grow your artistic business, and shine in your creative space.

Is this you right now?

  • Do you long for a group of fellow artists who get you? People who share your goals and fears? People who will listen, then remind you that you can do this?

  • Do you wish your creative work had more direction or clarity?

  • Perhaps you are just wanting some creative play and are ready to try your hand at something new!

  • You have many creative styles yet aren't sure how to narrow them down and have a focused brand.

  • Do you want to learn from creative people farther along the path, who want to share their business expertise to help you get creating again? 

This could be you.

  • You put your art into the world with confidence. 

  • You feel comfortable trusting your creative process.

  • You have the tools and resources to build a profitable, life-giving brand.

  • You have a group of creative people you trust, people with whom you can be vulnerable and laugh. 

  • You’re committed to focusing on your creative growth, without fear.


You've found your home for creative clarity, confidence, and community.

We understand you.

We're here to help you every step of the way.


Count me in!

A juicy monthly membership made up of like minded creatives. Think of sitting with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine with your truest confidantes. Oh the conversations you'll have and the problems you'll solve!


What's included in your membership:

Creative Education

  • Each month there will be a monthly topic that will help you move your creative business forward.


  • Monthly Zoom Q&A
  • Monthly Coffee Chats
  • Private Facebook Group

Guest Speakers

  • Every other month we will be interviewing a guest speaker

Hello I'm Margo Tantau

from Tantau Studio


I'm so glad you're here. Let me tell you a little bit about myself and why I am so passionate about helping artists grow and realize their potential. I'm multi-passionate creative entrepreneur. I've been there myself, and I've learned through years of experience. I'd love to share the valuable information I've gained along the way, so that your path to find your own personal success can be a shorter one!

Fun facts about me:
  • Paintbrushes
  • Canvas
  • Paints

Hello I'm Nataley

from Studio Shepherd


We're here to help you make the look and feel of your home match exactly with your unique lifestyle. From comfy and cozy to chic and minimalist, learn how to master the small details that make a big difference.

From comfy and cozy to chic and minimalist, learn how to master the small details that make a big difference.Let's create a space that's 100% you. 

Fun facts about me:
  • Paintbrushes
  • Canvas
  • Paints

Every month we'll share...


  • A chance to do a deep dive into one different creative topic each month that is customized + tailored to you and your business.
  • Live chats, where we answer your pressing questions, get to know each other and foster caring community of growth and creativity.
  • Private Facebook Group where we can connect, share and learn together.
  • Incredible guest speakers that will teach, enlighten and motivate you in new ways.
  • Other perks and bonuses that come with years of experience and your shared connection. 

"I have worked with both Nataley and Margo and can’t say enough good things about them!  Nataley has helped me clarify my goals and vision for where I want my business to be. Her guidance, expertise and shared resources have been an incredible asset to my daily schedule. Margo is a connector and truly cares about artists and their success. Her knowledge and vast exposure to the many facets of this business are invaluable. I love Margo’s and Nataley’s perspectives and ideas combined to grow this new community of like minded creatives.  These 2 together are magic!"

Jenn Mcglon

noodle and lou

Monthly Plan (founding member)


Cancel Anytime

  • Monthly Live Zoom + Q&A
  • Guest experts, pop ups, coffee chats
  • Monthly class + exciting prompts
  • Exclusive FB group
  • Full access member portal
  • Cancel anytime!
Let's go for the monthly!

Yearly Plan (founding member)


2 Months Free!

  • Monthly Live Zoom + Q&A
  • Guest experts, pop ups, coffee chats
  • Monthly class + exciting prompts
  • Exclusive FB group
  • Full access member portal
2 months free? Heck yeah!

A note from Margo & Nataley

If your goal is making money with your creative pursuits or your portfolio needs a boost, Relish Your Creativity is for you. If your current work is not moving the needle any more or you wish you could get it in front of the right people, you're in the right place. If you have dreamt of having your artwork out in the world, that is our jam. If you just need creative time for you, the Relish Your Creativity community is waiting for you.

It's time for you to shine!